Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Reading List

Reading List 101

I haven't been reading as much as I'd like to and have declared that while I hibernate this Winter, I will read as much as possible. I love to read books about business, empowerment and now that I'm a mom, parenting books as well. I've started to read to my LO and have to admit-a good book, a cup of hot tea and my LO make a cold night a lot more enjoyable.

Icons of Fashion : The 20th Century- I've read this book before but I always come back to it for inspiration. It highlights the fashion world throughout the 20th century. From Coco Chanel o Christian Dior, Kenzo to Versace, grunge to haute couture, every period and major name in twentieth-century fashion is included in this comprehensive collection of fascinating photographs, drawings, and texts.

The Digital Mom Handbook- Written by mom bloggers, Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla, this book is what inspired me to begin blogging. With step-by-step advice and indispensable information on how to be a mom blogger who wants to add to the household income it has allowed me to begin to improve my family’s financial situation.

Baby Signs- Now that I'm in love with a pint-sized gentleman, watching this relationship flourish is the most important thing to me. After all, communication is critical in every relationship. I can't wait to find different ways to communicate with him and feel like we have our own little language.

Life is So Good- I'm actually reading this book now and I love it. When I turned the book over, and the read "I tell people not to worry about things, not to worry about their lives. Things will be all right. People need to hear that. Life is good, just as it is. There isn't anything I would change about my life" on the back cover, I knew I had to begin reading it right away. Those sentences just resonated with me. I'm at a point in my life that has me questioning where it's going and that this book reminds me to relax and watch it unfold.

What are you currently reading? Any suggestions?
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