Monday, December 2, 2013

Retail Chronicles: My Dark Black Friday

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday!) and I am exhausted.  I had loads of fun with family and friends and ate more than I could have imagined (my workout regimen begins today). I hope yours was fun-filled and memorable. Did you do any Black Friday shopping? I told myself I wouldn't as I am not a fan of the unpredictable crowd but a few nudges from my brother and a prayer later I was zipping up my coat and on my way to the Garden State Mall. The parking lot was packed but the end of the day I would learn parking was the least of my problems. I walked in with high hopes of buying out the store for less than $1 (lol) but was met with "sales" that weren't really sales and tons of people who thought they were. My search started in Macys as I was in dire need of a winter coat. The coat I saw online for $85 two weeks prior was now $115--what a sale! It was so packed I bought the first coat I liked and a headache. My next destination was H&M but then I saw Aldo in my peripheral. The hours blew by the wayside as I yelled across the store for booties and got pumps; wedges and received heels. Then I remembered I have a newborn and I won't be in a nightclub, lounge or party in a long while. So I treated myself to a new tote and a pair of wedge sneakers. I walked out elated and hungry--I had already been at the mall for 4 hours!!! I made my way to the Food Court after crawling through the massive crowd. And it felt like the heavens opened when I saw Chipotle. I ate thinking about what I would buy at H&M but when I finished I hurriedly walked to the car and decided I'd get it online. How did your shopping go?
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