Thursday, August 8, 2013

Diva On A Budget

I'm a girl with many loves. I love fashion, nature, the quirky people of the world, food and a great bargain. When it comes to fashion, of course I like the "to-die-for" luxury designer labels (who doesn't) but my love really rests with ready to wear lines such as H&M, Loft and American Apparel. My mom is a natural born haggler and thankfully I was blessed with that same gift. I'm a predator and my prey is great style at even greater prices. To fulfill this obsession I'm always on the prowl. In the past I frequented boutiques at least 4 times a week but since losing my job and becoming pregnant I've had to find different ways to satisfy my thread cravings. And that's when I formed a rewarding relationship with the Internet. Sites like EBay, Instagram and Amazon are my never far from home retail stores. I didn't know it until now but I guess I can say I'm also somewhat of an environmentalist with all the gas I'm saving by shopping off these sites hehe. Below are my latest finds on EBay which are still available and would be a great addition to any one's wardrobe.

 Sleeveless Mustard Tank from The Gap
Available at:

Career to Casual wear fits using The Gap's Sleeveless Mustard Tank
Created by Fashboucou on Polyvore

Multi-colored paisley printed skirt by H&M
Available at:
Country Paisley fit using H&M paisley printed skirt
Created by Fashnboucou on Polyvore

Calvin Klein Lace Crop Top
Available at:
Free Love Lace fit using Calvin Klein Lace Crop Top
Created by Fashnboucou on Polyvore

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