Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feeling Sexy in Your Nursing Bra


Finding the perfect bra, whether regular, maternity or nursing, is never an easy task. With a few tips and the help of an expert fitter it can be a breeze. Nursing bras are a lot like regular bras, except the cup open or lower when you pull them aside, or unsnap, unzip or unhook the closure. Ideally, you want a bra that you can hook and unhook with one hand (just in case you're holding your hungry little one). Whichever you choose, fit is the key to comfort. Besides being uncomfortable, a bra that fits poorly may put pressure on your milk ducts, which can cause them to get plugged and lead to inflammation in the breast. I have to admit I wasn't stoked when I began my online search for a nursing bra. At first, all I found were those ugly utilitarian nursing bras. They reminded me of the brassieres my great-grandmother used to hang out on the clothesline: Boring, full coverage, sturdy cotton undergarments. I guess it was the world's way of saying, "You're not a woman anymore, you're a mom". Thankfully, the world is beginning to remember mom is not only a woman but she's sexy too! And today's moms don't have to settle on style. Here are five sexy nursing bras that are sure to keep you feeling beautiful in your own skin while you nurse your little one.

You'd never guess this was a nursing bra. Nude Seamless Cups/ Nude Shimmer Lace
Flirty You! by You-Lingerie $38.00

I'm obsessed with Le Mystere's 'Sexy Mama - 163' Underwire Nursing Bra.
It's so delicate and sensual. $66.00

Light Up the Stage in this Hotmilk Nursing Bra. $32.50

I know your little one is your one true love so prove it in Hotmilk's True Love Nursing Bra. $32.95

Every woman should know how essential a t-shirt bra is.
Sexy T-Shirt Bra by Bella Materna $68.00

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