Monday, January 13, 2014

Paul Fredrick Spring 2014 Launch

When I was in high school, I went through a phase when I wore men's ties incessantly. I wore them as head bands, belts and as ties were intended to be worn. I just wanted to be different--or maybe that was my inner fashionista rearing its beautiful head lol.  This past summer I started making bow-ties for my LO and he took soooo long making his debut that I began wearing them myself (here's a pic). Soon after that, I was all about making menswear work for women. Ribbon suspenders, top hats, cuff links--you name it, I've tried it. But back to the ties. I was on my latest trip to the fabric store, in search of unisex floral prints when I saw an ad for Paul Fredrick. The ad featured the novelty tie, pictured above, and I went gaga! I wanted--no needed to get my hands on that swatch for a bow tie. Of course, when I got home I perused their website to see what else they offered that I could buy. Their French Cuff and Non-Iron (yup that's what I said--non iron) gave me LIFE! I was in love and needless to say SOLD. Find more dress shirts here.

 Here are 18 fabulous ways you can wear a tie. 

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