Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Watch Too Much TV

I watch tooo much television! And I honestly don't know how I find the time to watch it all through the incessant diaper changes and feedings; blogging and research; cooking and cleaning; spending quality time etc. Lately I have added a few guilty pleasures to my roster of reality tv and my guilty conscious just wants to tell on itself. Here are the shows I can't get enough of (well until Scandal comes back-don't get me started haha).

1. Courtney Loves Dallas- This show should just be called We Love Courtney! To live a day in the life of a fellow fashion blogger-a successful fashion blogger who does exactly what I want to do is awesome with a capital A baby! It has the perfect amount of fashion, gossip, drama and did I say fashion? Her closet though-2 words....I'd kill!

2. Blood, Sweat & Heels- I'm a sucker for drama, not just the Law & Order: SVU (another show I LOVE) kind, but the "You stole my deal and oooh girl those shoes are fierce" drama. These successful women live out their dreams, stack coins and look fabulous doing it. I just described Sex and the City (which I miss terribly).

3. Love & Hip Hop- Ok I know, why do I watch this trash? One word it's entertaining! For one whole hour, I trash talk my laptop (I never get to watch prime time tv when it actually airs-I'm raising a kid remember--oh how I love his nap times) and literally cuss everyone out/give them unsolicited advice. I say a slew of "oohs", "ahhs", and "who let her walk out the house looking like that" as I grade the outfits on a scale of 1-10. Take a deep breath then wait for next week (don't judge me).

4. Single Ladies- *Starts singing the theme song* "We are single (pause) ladies"! Yassss honey!! This show gives me life! From the fashion, to the fine men and the gorgeous women who date them and back to the fashion (seriously you need to check out the threads on this one).

5. Real Housewives of Atlanta- I shouldn't have to say much. These Georgia peaches make me want to move to Atlanta and follow their camera crew. Although they have all found and try to lead sophisticated lives to the best of their ability, these women still bring the drama *snaps fingers*. With phrases like "I'm gone with the wind fabulous" and "I have arrived and the spotlight is on me honey" I just can't get enough.

6. Couple's Therapy- I'm not even in a relationship but I can't get enough of this show! But can I say this is kind of like a PBS special for my personal life? I mean I am learning what not to do/find in a relationship.....I digress.

7. The Braxton Family Values/Vince & Tamar- I adore this family! Really it's Toni and Tamar (who she, her) Yes! I love this group of sisters. They argue, travel, dance and makeup together. I love the quirky slogans from baby sister Tamar. I'm just tickled when I watch this show.

Ehem, CLEARS THROAT....Also, ABC has me HOOKED! I'm in knee deep with them: Scandal (woot woot), Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, Nashville, Mistresses and Super Fun Night (I love Kimmy). My brain is going to turn into mush!

What shows are you addicted to-I mean can't stop watching?

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