Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Smile for a Smile

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed spending time with loved ones over the holidays. As I write this I'm relishing at home, cuddled up with my LO in my new room (more on that later). This past year, was full of ups and downs and a very trying year for me. I almost lost everything. My car, my home, my fiancee--and my sanity almost. But, I also experienced one of the most beautiful miracles that makes my lowest-low feel like a high. My son has given me life again and makes me want to be present and enjoy every moment of it. He's now 11 weeks, and this week he brought the biggest smile to my face. He's talking (more like coos) and smiling! I couldn't help but tear up at his attempts to communicate with me. There he was all bright-eyed and letting me know how much he loves me. With him, I know 2014 will bring forth lots of opportunities, love and happiness.

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