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Drew Barrymore's Makeup Tips for New Moms

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Drew Barrymore has come a long way since playing the adorable Gertie in E.T.-Extra Terrestrial, over 30 years ago. Now, an admired businesswoman and a mom to 11 month old daughter, Olive, she is inspiring mothers all over the world with her beauty line FLOWER. Growing up in a makeup chair, she had not only began to grow a passion for the art but also learned many techniques which she shares on her weekly Tip Tuesday Tutorials. These tips are empowering to any woman but she makes sure she caters to new moms as well. Barrymore wants to give women a quality product, with the finest ingredients at an affordable price. Flower is available at Walmart and Below, Drew shares a 2 minute makeup routine that will make any sleep-deprived mother not only feel empowered but beautiful. has even more of Barrymore's makeup tips, her favorite thing about being a new mom as well as the beauty items she cannot live without. Here's a snippet:

The Bump: What is your favorite thing about being a new mom?

Drew Barrymore: Being a mom makes me think so much about my reactions to things. With kids, your reactions to everything are so utterly important and its made me rethink other parts of my life as well. In a nutshell, how you handle everything comes into the sharpest focus of your life when you become a parent.

The Bump: Any tricks or shortcuts for new moms who have less time to get ready-- if they could apply 2 or 3 things tops, what would you recommend?

Drew Barrymore: I do these short videos called "Tip Tuesdays" on and I talk about my "Two Minute" makeup routine. It's amazing what you can get done in two minutes!

The Bump: What's in your makeup bag?

Drew Barrymore: Our new FLOWER Glisten Up! Highlighter Chubby that is coming out in January. I put it on my cheekbone, brow bone, a tiny bit down the slope of my nose and a dab on the bow  of my lips. It has literally changed the way I do makeup. I love it and I can't wait for people to try the new product.

The Bump: What's the one beauty item you cannot live without?

Drew Barrymore: Concealer. I never leave home without it. I lobe our Skincognito Stick Foundation, or for something lighter, our Lighten Up! Illuminating Concealer click pen. They're my go to!

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