Monday, September 2, 2013

8 Places to Shop the Best Maternity Wear

One of the plus sides of being pregnant is that you have a legitimate excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe. With the boom in designers and retailers catering to maternity fashion there's a larger variety of frocks you can wear to accentuate your new and growing bump. Whether your budget is maxi or mini there's lots for you to choose from. Tell me, where's your favorite place to shop for maternity clothes!

1. Gap Maternity has always been a favorite with expectant moms. The classic brand offers chic pieces that are perfect for your changing shape. Be chic and always comfortable without losing your style. Get the look at Gap for $24.99. 

2. Asos Maternity has managed to incorporate pregnancy-friendly features into their stylish mainline collection. Features such as soft ruching, adjustable fastenings and flexible waistbands make Asos Maternity the perfect fusion of fashion, comfort and flawless fit. Get this look for $54.00. 

3. Unbuttoned Maternity is one of the coolest "contemporary maternity" retailers. The cool thing about it is it reflects more of a 'rock star" style. Think sleeveless Ramones t-shirts, shredded leggings, camo sweaters and silk kimono dresses. Get this Angelina Strapless Maxi Dress for $69.00.

4. H&M is a great source for cheap and on-trend bump style. Not all locations carry its small but well selected maternity fashions, but if you're shopping online, look for the MAMA label among its other tops. Get this MAMA Blouse online for $29.95. 

5. The great news- Isabella Oliver's Maisy Sequin Maternity Jacket has been marked down. The bad news- it's now $124. Don't worry, though--the sales and even some regular priced items provide plenty of more reasonable buys at this high-fashion maternity webstore.

6. Fillyboo is a Boho-inspired maternity fashion label that offers beautiful, youthful and wearable maternity clothes. Their prices are a little on the high side--but within reach. Snag "The Shine" Knitted Nursing Sweater for $110.  

7. Who doesn't love Etsy? The site is great for scoring handmade and lightly used maternity clothes. Alice B's Maternity Shop is a fairytale full of femininity and maternal innocence created for pretty, playful and stylish moms to be. Shop this Dream Cream Maternity Tunic for $120.47. 

8. I am so happy TopShop's Maternity came around in time for my first pregnancy. It has great designs and quality for a great price. Get this Maternity Scribble News Dress for $70. 

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