Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chronicles of a Mom

I wanted to write about the woes I'm currently experiencing as a result of my LO being addicted to his pacifier. Complain of my sleepless nights and the bags under my eyes-in a politically correct way of course. But as my fingers touch the keyboard I can't help but think how exciting this journey called motherhood can and will be for me. I find myself planning adventures, birthday parties, outfits, scouting schools and he's only 6 weeks old! I once read a meme that said, "You'll never know how boring your life is until you have kids". And it's soooo true! Only a year ago, I was content with nights at the club, drinks with friends (which I plan on keeping btw), working and repeat. I've always been one who was willing to try almost anything once, but somehow managed to get into the previously stated routine. But something about becoming a mother compels me to take a different approach and feel that I not only owe it to my child but I owe it to myself to lead a fruit-filled life.  It's now instilled in me that I have to become the woman I've always dreamed of becoming so I can be a living testament for my LO. I find myself looking forward to his middle-of-the-night feedings so that I can continue reading articles about carriers that cause hip dysplasia, cooking classes at WholeFoods, free building workshops at Home Depot and Lowes and the best aquariums and museums for children. And how he and I can wear matching outfits without me looking like I wish everyday was Halloween (don't judge me lol). All in all, I know just like any relationship in life, there will be ups and downs but I am sooo stoked to experience them all with the closest person to me-the person God entrusted to me. 
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